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Jim Falakos, Meet the Owner

Jim Falakos started his journey to owning an HVAC Westchester company by getting a Bachelors of Science in Renewable Energy from Illinois State University and then getting his Master’s of Science in Advanced Energy and fuels management from Southern Illinois University.

After this, he earned his certificate in HVAC technology from College of DuPage’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation program. In addition, he earned a BPI certificate for Building Science through Building Performance Institute.

Jim has a personal ambition toward indoor air quality along with all aspects that surround HVAC Westchester. He was made sick in 2008 by indoor contaminants from water damaged buildings which were then circulated throughout the house by the heating and cooling system. It was because of this personal hurdle that led him on a journey of discovering the importance of Indoor Air Quality. This is a focal point of the company because most people spend a majority of their time indoors.

Jim has worked in various industries such as in solar photovoltaics, wind, HVAC and building science. In the growing field of energy efficiency, HVAC Westchester plays a very integral role. The new age of heating and cooling technology focuses on energy efficiency, integration of whole home filtration, and various new technologies that keep the occupants not only warm or cold, but healthy and well.

Bio about Pure Climate

Pure Climate Heating and Cooling was started because of the lack of professionals in the HVAC Westchester industry that truly understood healthy air quality. Pure climate Heating and Cooling uses the “whole building approach” which focuses on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and proper system sizing. We perform Manual J’s on all new installs in order to find the optimal sized system for the home.

Pure Climate employees are NATE Certified (North American Technician Excellence) which is the gold standard for HVAC professionals. In addition, employees are cross trained in Building Science by (Building Performance Institute) to better understand thermodynamics and air and energy transfer in a home. The relationship between healthy indoor air, and energy efficiency is a complex issue that requires specially trained technicians to understand.

Pure Climate Heating and Cooling offers industry leading professionalism and customer service at a very affordable price. We understand that many homeowners have been dissatisfied with other companies because of lack of communication or lack of qualified technicians who can’t fix the issue. Pure Climate realizes this gap and wants to be the HVAC Westchester company that fills it.

Pure Climate Heating and Cooling is devoted to making sure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with the service they receive. We take the time to acquire customer feedback to better help future customers. There are hundreds of HVAC Westchester companies out there to choose from, but we set ourselves apart from the pack by our industry professionalism, customer service, and our extensive knowledge of indoor air quality and thermodynamics. Talk to one of our energy advisors and see why the Pure Climate approach will blaze the trail for future hvac and energy efficiency companies.

Why you should work here

Pure climate heating and cooling is a new kind of company that not only focuses on the customer, but the employees. Investing in the employees is the wisest thing you can do if you want great customer satisfaction.

There are many reasons why employees would want to work at Pure Climate heating and Cooling. Pure Climate focuses not only on training but on mentoring. Choosing a career that interests you can be a big step. We focus on developing employee skills through a combination of shadowing, on the job training, and learning modules. Pure Climate focuses on employee HVAC Westchester education and development because it makes the company better as a whole.

Pure Climate employees are given job and task rotations to work on various skills and to expand their knowledge. This allows employees to gain insight and knowledge into other areas that they are interested in. This also sets employees up to fill new positions as they become available.

Pure Climate heating and cooling offers a positive and constructive work environment. Employees are given opportunities to grow as professionals and to grow as individuals. We focus on motivating and educating employees and offering them HVAC Westchester career development that they will use for years to come.

The career you choose should excite you. It should light a fire inside you that promotes learning and growth. We want to develop employees on a much deeper level as to develop them not only as career professionals but as individuals. Pure Climate is not only a HVAC Westchester business but a mindset and we want you with us for the ride.

Vision for the company

We believe in creating the healthiest and pure indoor living environment to promote creativity, health, and longevity. Our goal is to give ALL people the tools, knowledge, and resources to make their living environment as optimal as possible to allow them to be the most productive and efficient individuals they can be.

Passion is the reason Pure Climate heating and Cooling was created. Passion can be described as an emotion that is strong and intense and something that arouses enthusiasm. We bring this enthusiasm and passion with us with every endeavor we participate in. When we engage with this customer, our passion of customer service, industry leading training, and unparalleled thirst for knowledge makes us the premier heating, cooling and indoor air quality professionals around.

Pure Climate heating and cooling is built on family. During recent times, the Nuclear Family Unit has been under attack. At Pure Climate, we embrace the foundation of family and promote it. Pure Climate Heating and Cooling was able to get off the ground because of strong family support, strong and assertive role models, and the passion and desire to promote positive and inclusive change for all.

My significant other has said I am delusional for my grandiose ideas and dreams for this HVAC Westchester company. I feel that this is something that is lost with the youth of today; How To DREAM. It is my DREAM to share my large ideas and ambitions with those around me. It is my PASSION and DUTY to paint an elaborate and beautiful picture inside the minds of all the employees of where we are going and what we will become. It is our Dream or Vision that every home in America should be as healthy, efficient, and pristine as we envision it. We see this not only as a possibility but as our duty to share our Dream and Passion with every person we encounter.

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