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Reliable Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

The key to a high-performing, long-lasting HVAC system lies in routine maintenance. Pure Climate Heating and Cooling in Dupage County, IL, provides reliable HVAC maintenance plans to facilitate your residential and commercial heating and cooling maintenance demands. Discover efficiency with custom-tailored solutions designed to accommodate your HVAC system’s specific needs.

Heating and Cooling Services at Pure Climate Heating and Cooling in Dupage County, Illinois

Quality Service With Our Regular Maintenance Plan

Pure Climate Heating and Cooling understands the importance of preserving your comfort and hard-earned money. As such, we mitigate the risk of unexpected HVAC breakdowns with hands-on maintenance services that work to keep your property in optimal condition. To maintain your system to peak performance levels, our plans are entirely customized to suit your home or business.

The Pure Partner Plan

Make HVAC maintenance a part of your seasonal routines without hassle with the Pure Partner Plan. Our full-stack Pure Partner Plan is packed with benefits that satisfy your regular maintenance needs with efficiency and reliability. Our plans include bi-annual checkups, flexible, priority scheduling, and exclusive rates to satisfy your heating and cooling repair needs.

Pure Partner Plan Annual Maintenance Benefits

Discover unrivaled savings and time-honored service you can rely on with the Pure Partner Plan. Some of the exclusive benefits of the Pure Partner Plan include:

  • 30% off repairs and replacement parts
  • Priority scheduling
  • No after-hours charges
  • No risk cancellation
  • Three-year inflation guarantee
  • Free air-quality assessment
  • Annual heating and cooling tune-ups
  • Increased labor warranty of five years on new Bryant Equipment

Furnace Maintenance

When the cool weather arrives, the last thing you need is unforeseen furnace malfunctions. To deter breakdowns and optimize the function of your furnace, choose the Pure Partner Plan. Our Pure Partner Plan furnace maintenance includes inspections, cleanings, and calibrations of your heating system to enable early intervention for areas of concern, keeping your property efficient and reliable all winter.

What’s Included in HVAC/Furnace Maintenance

Our HVAC maintenance procedures include a detailed 21-point inspection checklist. Some of the protocols featured in our meticulous furnace care plan include:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming of burner assembly
  • Full inspection of heat exchanger
  • Analysis of combustion gases
  • Adjustment of gas pressure with manometer
  • Inspection of electrical components, connections, and temperature rise
  • Verification and testing of blower wheel and thermostat

AC Tune-Up

AC maintenance is vital. When the summer months roll around and your property temperature begins to rise, a high-performing cooling system is essential. To combat extreme discomfort, unexpected AC repairs, and elevated energy costs, choose the Pure Partner Plan for dedicated AC maintenance at a price you can feel good about.

What’s Included In AC Maintenance

Safeguard the comfort of your Dupage County, IL, home or business with our Pure Partner Plan. The AC maintenance solutions performed through our trusted maintenance plan include:

  • Full inspection of evaporator coil, temperature drop, and more
  • Cleaning and testing of outdoor condenser coil
  • Verify refrigerant levels
  • Verify and clean electrical connections
  • Check and clean water drains
  • Optimize fan speed

Humidifier Tune-Up

Your humidifier is instrumental in preserving the healthy indoor air quality of your home or business. Our Pure Partner Plan includes comprehensive humidifier tune-up solutions to keep your humidifier in optimal condition. Rely on us to combat unfavorable outcomes for your property with our trusted humidifier solutions.

What’s Included in Humidifier Maintenance  

We take on every humidifier tune-up with the utmost precision, ensuring quality results for your home or business. Our humidifier tune-up includes the following:

  • Humidifier inspection
  • Water pad replacement
  • Full cleaning of scale, debris, and buildup
  • Flush drain lines
  • Unit cleaning
  • Cycle and testing of humidistat

Contact Us to Get Ahead of Your Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Get ahead of your heating and cooling maintenance needs with the Pure Partner Plan. Mitigate breakdowns and prevent minor areas of concern from spiraling into costly problems with Pure Climate Heating and Cooling. Contact our friendly experts today to enroll in routine maintenance with our Pure Partner Plan.

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The Pure Partner Plan is a game changer for residential and commercial property owners alike. This plan combines the incredible abilities of NATE certified technicians with simplified HVAC service that accommodates your needs. Check out what our loyal customers have to say about our Pure Partner Plan! 

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